January 27, 2008

Me, Myself and I

Posted in Iramville at 2:50 pm by Iram

I like the dark.

I like thunderstorms more.

I have a weakness for dark chocolate and strawberries, sometimes together.

I have an even bigger weakness for potato chips. Keep them away from me (except for the Flamin’ Hot variety). My arteries will thank you.

I find the smell of jasmine essence divine.

When I was little I used to eat whipped cream sandwiches.

I make the best walnut brownies ever – ask my brothers.

I say *y’all* instead of *you all.* I think it’s a Texas thing.

However, I say *aUnt* not *aant*. It’s a British thing.

I lived in London for three years.

I still can’t speak Katchi, but don’t think I can’t understand what you’re saying.

My Urdu is lacking too. I simply can’t seem to remember which words are masculine and which are feminine.

In general, I don’t have proficiency for foreign languages.

I have a tendency to get lost, to drop things, and to walk into things. Please help me.

I have been white water rafting in the St. Laurence River.

When we hit the rapids I didn’t scream. I also didn’t fall out of our raft.

I enjoy taking risks and tripling my heart rate.

I refuse to bungee jump though. Something about bouncing up and down by my ankles doesn’t appeal to me.

I can’t swim.

I can barely ride a bike. The scar on my chin attests to that.

I can’t roller-blade.

I am, basically, not incredibly coordinated.

I did, however, manage to learn how to ski – one pole and two fences later.

I love receiving flowers, even though they die the next day.

I also love diamonds, even though some argue that children died for them.

I hate the *Birthday Song.* I never know what to do when people are singing it.

Babies make me smile. I pinch their cheeks.

When I was a kid I used to inject water into the abdomen of ants and slice open dead cockroaches to see what was inside. This is when everybody knew I would someday be a science nerd.

I have a fascination with the “Disney Vault” and everything that comes out of it.

I can never remember my dreams. That bothers me.

I like to laugh.

I am very easily amused.

I think wit is the greatest sign of intelligence.

I am an idealist. That doesn’t mean I’m naive to reality. I just choose to believe that there is a pureness in humanity and it will prevail.

I believe in the simple philosophy of Robert Fulghum. He’s right, everything I needed to learn I did learn in kindergarten.

I can’t balance a checkbook. Well, I can; I just don’t.

I am a commitment-phobe.

I am not an animal person. But kittens are adorable.

I am not a feminist.

I do, however, fully embrace and enjoy my femininity.

Still, sometimes I think life would be easier if I was male. Then I go to the mall.

If I were a guy, I’d be a total a**.

I am a tech-geek.

I am not a Republican.

I admire humility, confidence, passion and ambition.

Arrogant pseudo-intellectuals irritate me.

I am a pseudo-artist.

My journal can be corny. I apologize. I write best when I’m stressed.

My faith defines me.

I don’t believe in infinite truth. Truth is relative, perceived. Acceptance is enlightenment.

I do believe in fate, karma and the unforeseen.

I am flawed.

I don’t like to admit I am wrong. Ever.

I am nosy.

I question everything.

Often the expanse of the universe overwhelms me with my insignificance.

I am old for my age.

*Snow White* scared me the first time I watched it.

I have watched *My Fair Lady* more than you can count.

I think every young girl should have to read *Little Women* at least twice.

Cheesy Desi music makes me happy.

Actually, anything with cheese makes me happy.

I want a guitar. No, I don’t know how to play it. Yet.

The birthmark on my belly is starting to fade. That makes me sad.

I can’t dance, but that’s never stopped me.

I seem to wear a lot of pink, even more than purple.

In my room there is a tower of shoes that nearly reaches the ceiling. And yet I always seem to end up wearing the same two pairs.

I despise the word *dude.* Though, it’s crept into my vocabulary lately.

I say the word *like* at least 50 times a day.

I run my hands through my hair at least twice that.

I can count at least five little gray hairs on my head. Damn genetics.

I am probably taller than you, especially if I am in heels.

I want the *Cosby Show* life. Why can’t they make shows like that anymore?

I want to grow old like the *Golden Girls*, preferably in the Mediterranean.

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  1. i loved reading your post ..
    thinking of stealing your idea for my blog ..

    love ur sense of humor ..

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