June 12, 2007

A stroll down memory lane…

Posted in Randumb at 10:48 pm by Iram

At a friend’s wedding I had the welcome opportunity to catch up with some of my old Rice buddies. While we were chatting, we somehow ended up on the topic of random songs we used to sing down in the Dungeon during Protein Lab in order to entertain ourselves and I was reminded of one in particular…Bill Massie’s rendition of American Pie with lyrics written to suit the nature of our experiment. I have included the lyrics below for everyone’s entertainment…

(the 1st verse is to the tune of the 1st verse of “American Pie;” the 2nd verse is to the tune of the last verse of the song)

A short, short time ago,
I can still remember how old Jon made the E. coli lyse
And we homogenized the tongue
Then centrifuged and everyone
Then went and put their samples on some ice
And SEC gave us purer
Enzyme and it made us surer
That we were on the right track
Cause there’s no time to turn back
The next few steps entailed that we
Do dialysis and AEC
Spec.’s made sure that we could see
That we had our protein

Hey, hey, now just what do you say
Can E. coli make the native form of mouse ADA
Can its enzyme work in the very same way
To take that old amine group away
Take that old amine group away

Our messed-up gels gave me the blues
So I asked TA’s for happy news
“Well that don’t matter anyway”
I went and did kinetics runs
Though I knew that they would not be fun
And I made the tables to see what they’d say
And in the next lab we were staining
While outside the sky was raining
We heard not a raindrop
The dungeon makes the world stop
Then came the time we’d longed for most
We ended lab with hopeful toast
“May your paper grade let you coast
Your way through protein lab”

(Refrain: repeat twice)

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