January 27, 2007

10th of Muharram

Posted in Iramville at 5:49 pm by Iram

Monday is the Islamic observance of Ashura. On this day, many Muslims around the world choose observe an optional fast from sunrise to sundown, much like the fasting of the Islamic month of Ramadan. Besides being a day that the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) annually kept his fast, the day of Ashura is also a day of great historical significance. On this day: Allah (SWT) accepted the repentance of Adam (AS) after his exile from Paradise; Allah (SWT) saved Noah (AS) and his companions in the ark; Allah extinguished the fire in which Abraham (AS) was thrown by Nimrod; And Allah (SWT) spoke directly to Moses (AS) and gave him the Commandments. On this same 10th of Muharram, Job (AS) was restored to health from leprosy; Joseph (AS) was reunited with his father Jacob (AS); Jonah (AS) was taken out from the belly of the fish; and the sea was divided as the nation of Israel was delivered from captivity and Pharoah’s army was destroyed. Ashura is also the day when David (AS) was forgiven, the kingdom of Solomon (AS) was restored, and Jesus (AS) was raised to Jannah (Heaven).

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