November 30, 2006

My first snow

Posted in Iramville at 5:01 pm by Iram

Yes, I’ve seen snow before. I’ve seen piles of it in Alaska, along the mountops in the Rocky Mountains, and in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan. I’ve slid down snow covered hills in California and watched little Afghani boys slide down on homemade sleds in Kalam. Never, though, have I actually seen snow falling. The “snow” in Houston doesn’t really count – we get a few flakes here and there but mostly it’s just very small bits of hail for which we have no better name than snow – so obviously I was thoroughly excited to experience my first real snow here in Lubbock. It’s just one more experience that I can put on my list of firsts that I started compiling when I began medical school here.

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  1. Atif said,

    You want to see snow falling? Come visit us anytime between December and April and you’ll see it. Although last time you came, it didn’t snow the entire week and a half you were here, and then when you left, it snowed solidly for a month.

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