November 20, 2006

The cultured cell bio book

Posted in Iramville at 11:47 am by Iram

Just about everyone remembers introductory high school biology, where they first memorized all of the components of the cell membrane, learned about the fluid mosaic model, studied the cell cycle and learned about all the little organelles within the cell. I distincly remember Ms. Brewer’s lecture in 9th grade biology about organelles during which she taught us how to discern between each different type of organelle in an image. Mitochondria looked like kidney beans, the rough ER looked like it had chicken pox, and the Golgi apparatus looked like a stack of pancakes. Thus, after using these analogies throughout my undergraduate years, you can imagine my amusement when I saw that our medical school cell biology text says to think of the Golgi apparatus as a stack of pita bread.

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