November 30, 2006

My first snow

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Yes, I’ve seen snow before. I’ve seen piles of it in Alaska, along the mountops in the Rocky Mountains, and in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan. I’ve slid down snow covered hills in California and watched little Afghani boys slide down on homemade sleds in Kalam. Never, though, have I actually seen snow falling. The “snow” in Houston doesn’t really count – we get a few flakes here and there but mostly it’s just very small bits of hail for which we have no better name than snow – so obviously I was thoroughly excited to experience my first real snow here in Lubbock. It’s just one more experience that I can put on my list of firsts that I started compiling when I began medical school here.

November 20, 2006

The cultured cell bio book

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Just about everyone remembers introductory high school biology, where they first memorized all of the components of the cell membrane, learned about the fluid mosaic model, studied the cell cycle and learned about all the little organelles within the cell. I distincly remember Ms. Brewer’s lecture in 9th grade biology about organelles during which she taught us how to discern between each different type of organelle in an image. Mitochondria looked like kidney beans, the rough ER looked like it had chicken pox, and the Golgi apparatus looked like a stack of pancakes. Thus, after using these analogies throughout my undergraduate years, you can imagine my amusement when I saw that our medical school cell biology text says to think of the Golgi apparatus as a stack of pita bread.

November 17, 2006

How I know I’m a FOB….

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Q: What did the lonely banana say?
A: I’m a”kela”.

Q: What did the green peas say?
A: Nothing. They just “mutter”ed.

Q: What did the potato say when it answered the phone?
A: “Aaloo?”

Q: Where do cauliflowers hang out?
A: In the Gobi desert.

Q: What did the flower say to its girl-friend?
A: Why do phools fall in love?

Q: What did the fat car say?
A: I’m a mota car.

Q: What did the confused egg say?
A: I don’t unda-stand.

Q: Where do earrings go on holiday?
A: Bali

Q: What do shrimps sing on Christmas?
A: Jhinga Bells.

Q: What did the half eaten naan say?
A: I wish I was puri.

Q: What did the lonely potato sing?
A: “Aaloo lonesome tonight?”

Q: What language do carrots speak?
A: Gajar-ati.

Q: What do you call a bald poet?
A: Ik-bal.

Q: What did the first pizza slice say to the other pizza slice so it would move?
A: Pizza – “HUT”

November 10, 2006

My first everything

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After dinner today I pulled out a little Dove chocolate for dessert. It’s my new addiction, and I love reading the little messages on the insides of the wrappers. Today, one of the messages out of my little chocolates (opened by Bhavik, btw) was “Remember your first everything.” This started me thinking, because the past eleven weeks have been full of a lot of firsts for me. My first day in medical school, my first patient, my first time living away from home, my first time being fully independent, my first time meeting all of these wonderful people with whom I shall have the pleasure of interacting over the next four years, and the list just keeps going. Thus, I decided to post a tally of firsts since the beginning of medical school so that I can remember them all in upcoming years:

1. My first pediatric patient – a beautiful three day old baby girl

2. My first sport – playing frisbee in the lawn outside the library

3. My first football – I finally learned how to throw! Kudos to Ekta, Omar and Sandeep

4. My first fooseball victory – Omar!

5. My first cadaver – thanks to the Willed Body Program

6. My first tank – John the Knife, Dr. Ray, Renee and Angelique

7. My first time spending an entire night at school – with Bhavik and Padma and Shaqueeshra the Space Heater

8. My first spaghetti iftaar in Lubbock – thanks to Adham

9. My first Ramadan and Eid away from home and family

10. My first sports injury – thanks, Padma, for kicking me in the jaw after tripping me and making me fall flat on my face!

11. My first real Halloween party – I was a jar of Hot Salsa and I had a bag of tortilla chips (Ekta) to accompany me

12. My first game of antakshari via AIM – I won, by the way, because my opponent (Bhavik) signed off