October 12, 2006

Traumatizing situations

Posted in Iramville, Randumb at 2:22 pm by Iram

We’re only eight weeks into our first year of medical school, but many of the members of our class have already experienced traumatizing situations that will probably remain with them the rest of their lives, and will likely be the stories they tell their grandchildren about their medical school experiences:

1. Being splashed as your cadaver falls too quickly into a tank of old formaldehyde and thrice-used cadaver juice

2. Having to deal with a leaky rectum that wasn’t tied tightly enough when the intestines were pulled out of the abdomen (yes, cadavers still have their feces intact and in their digestive tubes, and these feces will squirt out under pressure)

3. The distinct “crunch” of the bone crusher at work

4. Having the tied up cadaver hand come untied and conveniently fly into your mouth

5. Going home and looking in the mirror to see bone shards tangled into your hair

6.  Cadaver fart – a very unique, but memorable, experience


  1. Jackie Hoyer said,

    Sounds like everything is on track! I had similar experiences in seveal labs in undergrad..
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