September 27, 2006

Anatomy lab antics

Posted in Iramville at 6:11 pm by Iram

Tomorrow is my next teaching assignment, and this time I’m teaching the eye orbit to the rest of my tankmates. After sitting in lab bending over the top of my cadaver’s skull in the attempt to locate the fine little nerves and arteries that surround the eyeball within the eye socket I finally gave up on the Trochlear Nerve, which proved to be particularly elusive in my cadaver. I walked around the lab a little, frustrated and attempting to cool off before I started getting overly aggressive on the delicate structures, and after a few minutes returned to my station. I glanced at the anatomy atlas to make sure I was looking in the correct region, traced out the area where I was supposed to find the Trochlear Nerve, and lo and behold, the Trochlear Nerve suddenly appeared out of nowhere. This in itself is not an incredibly exciting event because structures get lost and found in anatomy lab all the time, but at the exact moment that the nerve showed itself in front of me the perfect song was playing on my iPod: “Jhalak Dikhlaja.” For those of you who don’t listen to hindi Bollywood music (for whatever unacceptable reason), this song title means “let me have a glimpse of you.”

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