September 22, 2006

Learning about the face

Posted in Iramville at 2:16 am by Iram

Our new section of anatomy is about the head and neck. We did upper limbs, back and thorax for the last exam and I guess we’re moving North on the body before heading South. I was reading my chapter today and there’s about thirty pages that just go through all of the facial muscles one by one, detailing their attachments, innervations and functions. Based on those thirty pages, I simply cannot wait to take this next exam.

Now let me explain myself. I’m not some over-achiever who wants to take exam after exam because that’s my idea of fun. It’s just that exams can, in their own morbid way, be entertaining. For example, if you happened to glance around the exam room while deeply considering the answer choices to one of the more difficult exam questions this past Monday, you would have seen plenty of entertainment around you. One of the best ways to learn anatomy is to relate structures to your own body as you learn them, but the downfall to this method is that you also have to relate things to your body to recall these structures. So during the exam, you’ll see people swinging their elbows to see if it was the lateral or medial epicondyle that would be strained, or flexing their back to see which muscles were used the most. Considering that, imagine how entertaining this next exam will be when we are trying to remember which facial muscle is responsible for each facial expression. This is going to be a blast!

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