September 7, 2006

Not cut out for surgery

Posted in Iramville at 1:48 pm by Iram

I think I have come to the conclusion today that no member of my tank group is destined to become a surgeon. We spent three hours trying to remove the ribs to gain access to the lungs. Between a Striker Saw, a wire cutter, a giant scissors that really looked like giant hemostats, and an enormous bone crusher, it still took eight hands and three hours. And, in that time the amount of destruction done to our cadaver was devastating. I think at some point we just gave up trying to preserve structures and in our attempt to get that darn rib cage off forgot about some rather essential structures that were supposed to be important in later dissections. I spent much of the time thinking that if this were a live patient, she wouldn’t be alive much longer. I suppose that if any of us did choose to go into surgery, hours of training and skill acquisition could cure the current scalpel-happiness, but at the moment it’s gotten so bad that we actually gave one of our tank members a nickname today: “John the Knife”.

On another note: I finally got my scalpel blades. 🙂


  1. Matt said,


  2. Aamir said,


    not CUT OUT for surgery. i wonder if you did that on purpose.

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