September 5, 2006

I think I’m getting spoiled

Posted in Randumb at 11:16 am by Iram

I seriously think that Lubbock is spoiling me. The first problem is gasoline. With the significant reduction in mileage of my daily commute plus the amazing speed limits that actually allow me to drive at a speed that lets my car attain ultimate gas efficiency, I haven’t filled up my tank in three weeks! But that is the least of my worries. The real spoiling comes when it’s time to get groceries. There was a time in Houston when I would go grocery shopping for my mom on the way back from school and, not wanting to have to make multiple trips back to my car under the scorching Houston sun, would manage to balance a full shopping cart worth of groceries on my two arms and hands and still open door on my own to get into our home. But ever since I’ve moved to Lubbock that has all changed. They have this wonderful grocery chain here, named United Supermarket, and the store that falls right in the middle of the road between school and home has grocery loaders. It’s not like back home where they ask if you need help with your groceries and you, not being little grandma who will fracture a wrist with a gallon of milk, decline because you’re too independent to accept help. No. Here, they assume you want the help. They don’t even ask – they just send somebody along with you to your car and before you can say a word your shopping cart is independently following you and your groceries are magically flying into your trunk like all the fun things that used to fly into Mary Poppin’s bottomless bag. And now I can’t carry groceries anymore. It took me three trips from my car to bring everything into my apartment, and I was only shopping for one person. What am I going to do when I get back to Houston?

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