September 1, 2006

Movie idea

Posted in Randumb at 7:56 pm by Iram

I was in the anatomy lab today picking away at our cadaver when a thought struck me. Legally, we’re not supposed to know the identities of our cadavers. We’re given enough information to explain certain physiological findings that we might come across, like occupation and cause of death, but we’re not given any identifying information. So, what if somebody makes a movie about a med student whose professor overlooked the fact that his particular body still had its toe tag on it. The med student could then use the name and personal information to look up the person that was in the formaldehyde tank (ahh, the wonders of Google) and end up with either one of two things: a ghost story in which the deceased individual comes back to haunt him – or so he thinks – or a bildungsroman where he learns enough about the life of his cadaver that he is able to use his discoveries to improve his own life and the life of the people around him. Just a thought.

If you are a filmmaker and are reading this, don’t forget to credit me 🙂 And, feel free to change the he to a she.


  1. atif said,

    How about the person was murdered horribly! Or, when the student went to look the person up, found out someone else had taken over their identity! And so a whole murder-mystery-intellectual-thriller-movie-begins! To make it even better, add in how aliens were abducting humans, killing them, taking over their identities, and disposing of their bodies in medical schools to avoid ever dealing with the person again! Its genius!!

    For bonus points, get Samuel L. Jackson to act in it. You can come up with the appropriate catchphrase.

  2. Aamir said,

    bildungsroman usually have the characters going through puberty when theyre written, and they deal with side issues that typical teenagers go through (sex, drugs, violence) along with the main plot. med students would probably be too old for a coming-of-age movie/book. stick to the first idea, it sounds better.

    And if Samuel L. Jackson was in it, what would it be called? “Ghosts in a Body”?

  3. Saqib said,

    Cadavers in a Lab

  4. Michael Lawrence said,

    Hey Iram,

    I was about to write this to suggest you meet Hari and Nafisa. It seems you already have:). They’re two of my best friends in Lubbock. Also, seek out Mohammed Attaya (and maybe his brother, Hosam, though I’m not certain he’s attending med school). They’re also very good friends; I once photographed an MSA meeting for their sister, Ebtesam.

    Warm regards,
    Michael Lawrence

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