August 24, 2006

Searching for sharp objects

Posted in Iramville at 6:25 pm by Iram

I went to three different stores today in search of scalpel blades for my dissection lab. It seems, though, that the small town of Lubbock underestimated the spike in demand for scalpel blades that would inevitably come with the beginning of the new semester at their medical school, and thus nobody had any left in stock. I did find one chap who was willing to at least put my name on a box when his shipment arrives next week so that nobody can steal my precious scalpel blades, but the unfortunate caveat of this arrangement is that I will have to purchase a full box of 100 scalpel blades rather than purchasing individual ones on an as needed basis. So now I am searching for creative ways to use the 56 scalpel blades that I will not need once my 44 lab sessions are over. My list so far:

1. Keep one in my purse for self defense purposes

2. While I’m at it, I’ll also scatter a few around my car, my apartment and under my mattress in preparation for any unexpected guests

3. A few might be nice in the kitchen knife drawer – they are definitely a lot sharper than many knives I’ve seen

4. A bunch stuck through a fly swatter and coated with Sudden Death Roach Spray could make a nice Amazon-style cockroach guillotine and a great way to send those nasty creatures running back to their mommies with stories about the evil cockroach killer

5. If I hang them just right from the ceiling they might make neat little suncatchers that reflect light all over the place

6. With a few pieces of double-sided sticky tape I think I could create a new mirror for the inside of my closet door

7. On Halloween I could have a real Freddy Kruger costume (in mini-size of course, unless I weld a few of the blades together)

8. If I get really bored, I guess I could keep them until next year and then scalp them at outrageous prices to the new first year medical students who are facing a blade shortage

Note: If this list sounds demented, it’s because I’ve been in the anatomy lab all morning

Note: No cockroaches were harmed in the making of this blog post


  1. larkraven said,

    well I know that you probably won’t have that many scalpel blades left over after those labs…. Skinning really takes alot out of a blade, switch often….

  2. atif said,

    Keep them and sell them next year at greatly increased prices?

  3. Aamir said,

    If you needed a scalpel, you could have borrowed my katana. ITS LONG AND SHARP đŸ˜‰

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