August 23, 2006

My brain has expired

Posted in Iramville at 9:40 pm by Iram

A friend and I once decided that since we were so smart in high school, and then ended up further and further behind in college, our brains had surely given out on us. It is our theory that each baby is born with an expiry date stamped into its skull, sort of like the date on the milk bottle that you want to make sure you check before purchasing milk because otherwise it can be a nasty experience. If at the time we developed this theory I was about 60% sure of its accuracy, I am now 100% positive that my brain has completely expired. How else could I spend eight hours staring at an embryology textbook and still not quite get what’s going on???? And it doesn’t help of course that the book is not in chronological order and keeps jumping around the timeline. I think there was once a time when I could look at an image in a textbook for two minutes and then photographically conjure up the image in my mind the following day during an exam. Now, it takes 8 hours a day for a whole week to get to that point. Maybe if I hadn’t filled my mind up with all the useless crap they make you learn in undergrad years I would have space for all this information. I think the only solution is a complete reformatting of my harddrive followed by reinstallation of all essential operating systems, and then I can begin inputting all of this data from scratch. Otherwise, the information keeps growing and my brain just keeps getting smaller.

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  1. Saqib said,

    Reformat and install Linux. I recommend either DSL or PuppyLinux. Each only takes 50 MB and runs completely from the RAM. I’m sure your hardware could handle it. Remember, Linux is famous for breathing new life into old machines. Another option would be a memory upgrade.

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