August 22, 2006

Gross Anatomy

Posted in Iramville at 7:58 pm by Iram

When they tell you that you’ll be taking Gross Anatomy as your first basic sciences block in medical school, they preface their statement with the fact that ‘Gross’ Anatomy simply refers to bodily structures that can be seen with the naked eye versus ‘Microscopic’ Anatomy, which would require a microscope. What they don’t tell you is that Gross Anatomy is just that: gross. Don’t believe me? You spend three hours scraping the fat off the back of a deceased woman and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to this lady who has so graciously gifted her body to us as an educational tool, but I do think that if people could take a good look at what their insides look like, they’d definitely think twice before having that double cheeseburger with supersized fries and coke.

And a quick note about liposuction: don’t do it! When people gain weight, they are not increasing the number of fat cells in their body, but are actually increasing the size of their existing adipose cells. When this same indivual undergoes liposuction, though, this extra fat does not get pulled out of the growing adipose cells. Instead, liposuction actually sucks out entire adipose cells. This means that in the future if you gain weight again you won’t put on any inches in the area where you had the liposuction procedure but will increase the size of your remaining adipose cells and end up lopsided and oddly shaped. So if you’re thinking about liposuction as a means to solve a weight problem, the best solution really is diet and exercise, and never forget to do everything in moderation.

On the plus side: I can now identify the superficial and intermediate muscle layers of the back along with their points of origin and insertion and their relevant neurovascular bundles.

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