August 18, 2006

Medical School

Posted in Iramville at 7:08 pm by Iram

It has begun. I have just finished a week of slow, laborious orientation into my new medical school. I can tell you how to find the student affairs office, the bursar’s office (for when you have to give them your firstborn child), the main first year lecture hall, and the gross anatomy lab where we will be beginning cadaver dissections at the beginning of next week. My blog has been all over the place this past year, with daily posts slowly winding down to weekly posts to the point that at times it was lucky that I even had one post a month. But now, I’ll have plenty of things to talk about. There’s something going on in my life again, and I’ll have plenty of stories to share. So, expect new topics, new posts, and random medical school tidbits from today forward as I dedicate this blog to my travels into the world of medicine.

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