June 23, 2006

My Funny for the Week

Posted in Randumb at 3:38 am by Iram

There was a meeting of all the Sardar Freedom Fighters. They were planning for a "Free Punjab." Santa Singh raised a point: "Oh…We will take Punjab from India, but how would we develop it?" That was a tough one indeed. Then, Banta Singh had a brainwave. "No problem," he said, "We'll attack Amreeka. It would take over us and then we would become another estate of the USA and develop automatically." All the Sardars became happy with this very simple solution but an old Sardar was not convinced. Someone asked him why he was so hesitant about the decision and the old Sardar replied, "That's all very well, but what would happen if by chance we took over Amreeka?"

June 13, 2006

Inconsiderate People

Posted in Iramville, Randumb at 9:24 pm by Iram

You know that feeling when you want to throttle somebody because they just spoiled the ending of the story you've been so eagerly following or looking forward to, be it in a book or a movie? I hearby condemn all individuals guilty of this terrible act. I personally have two recent isolated stories exemplifying the vile nature of spoiling-the-end:

1. I was reading Kite Runner (spectacular book, by the way) on the plane ride to Boston as the line for the lavatory slowly inched its way closer and closer to my seat. Soon enough, a woman was standing next to me waiting her turn to use the bathroom, and she very congenially asked what I was reading. I showed her the cover, said Kite Runner, and went back to my reading to indicate politely that I was not interested in conversation because I was completely enthralled by the book at that point. But, she apparently didn't get the message because she continued to say, "Oh, that was a wonderful book. I read it years ago, but I loved the ending when…..(the rest of the woman's statement has been edited out to prevent myself from commiting the same heinous act that she did)." Well, off she went to the bathroom, leaving me staring at the cover of my book muttering some evil things under my breath and reminding myself that the book was well enough written that I would enjoy it anyhow.

2. When I heard that Bombay Dreams was coming to Houston to be performed by the TUTS production company, I eagerly bought my tickets and waited for the day of the performance. I had wanted to see it when I was in New York a few years ago but never got the chance, and it was just so convenient that they decided to put on the production in my own home city. So, the night finally arrived, I sat through a great first half of the show, loving every bit of the set and constumes and music, and remained seated during the intermission wondering what was going to happen next. I guess I wondered a bit too hard, because at that moment, the group sitting in the row in front of me started up a conversation about what they had though so far and one of the girls in the group, who had presumably already seen the show, raises her voice and says, "Guess what happens at the end….. (again, her statement has been edited to protect the innocent)." It was all I could do to not kick the back of her seat in ten second intervals the whole second half of the show. She gave away the entire plot twist!

So, the take home message is: Please be very aware of the people around you when you are talking about the story of a movie or a book. Many people prefer to find out what happens on their own rathre than to hear it from somebody else, and before you share the ending you should always be considerate enough to ask if your commentary is welcome or not. Also, keep in mind that even if the specific person with whom you are conversing wants to hear the end, you are likely surrounded by other people who don't want to be the unintended listeners of such a conversation. While I couldn't possible expect you to ask every single person within earshot if they approve of your conversation, please refrain from having such conversations when you are in a setting where most of the people obviously don't have any idea what's going to happen next, like in the movie theater.

This has been a public service announcement from Iram Siddik.