May 25, 2006

Back home

Posted in Iramville, Randumb at 7:29 am by Iram

Hello world! I just got back from a trip to Boston, which was a whole lot of fun and provided me with some much needed relaxation and down time. While there, I did a lot of shopping, sightseeing, and went to a couple of Boston Pops concerts. Now, one of these concerts featured a local star who was soloing on Mozart's Piano Concert No. 23, and I would like to say for the record that the way she performed that night, Mozart must have been cringing in his grave. It was absolutely horrible. I normally wouldn't write a post specifically to talk about a terrible piano concerto performance, but I was reminded of this concert just ten minutes ago because I came across a Bob Hope quote that described the situation perfectly:

"When she started to play, Steinway came down personally and rubbed his name off the piano."

Bob Hope didn't attend the same concert I did, but his words are still wholly applicable. Oh, and just to let everyone know, the Boston Pops are absolutely marvelous (minus the defective piano soloist).

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