May 14, 2006

Finally Over

Posted in Iramville at 5:15 am by Iram

It's done. It's finished. I graduated yesterday, and it seems that an entire way of life has finished. I was never very excited about graduation. As many of you already know, I pretty much finished up in December. I was only taking one hour this semester, and even that was pass/fail and it was a band class, so I only had to show up to rehearsal twice a week, play my clarinet, and show up to two concerts all dressed in black, and that was the extent of my semester. So, when it came time to graduate, I didn't have that feeling of finality that so many of my other graduating friends did. For them, they were finally done. For me, I've been done since December and this was just the anticlimactic ending that is required by officials. With that mentality, it's no wonder that I wasn't nearly as hyped up about graduation as everyone else. In fact, I even toyed with the idea of just not showing up and having my diploma sent to my house via the big brown truck.

But now, with all the regalia turned in to the appropriate people, and all the fees and accounts paid off and clear, and all the records finalized and filed away, it really feels like there is something missing. All the friends that I had made during my four years at Rice are no longer the friends I go to college with. They are now the friends I WENT to college with. I myself am no longer a Rice student. I am in between undergraduate and graduate school, and for the time being I don't really belong to either. I never thought I'd feel this way about graduating from Rice, but even though I never went to the study breaks, didn't really go to Beer Bike or NOD or any of the other events that really define the social life of a Rice student, something about being part of that community has left an imprint on me that I doubt will ever fade. I would have never thought it while my student status remained, but now I can reflect on my time and realize that within those walls of hedges there does exist a place where I discovered who I am, what I'm passionate about, and how I need to approach life. Those are not lessons I had learned before coming to college, and I don't think I would have learned them nearly as well in any other atmosphere than the one in which I spent the past four years. So, to those hedges, those red roofed buildings, and those naked shaving cream covered drunk people, goodbye and farewell. I shall miss you.

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  1. Insiya said,

    Hey Iram,
    Your blog almost brought me close to tears. I am finishing up packing and getting ready to spend my last night at Rice and never did I think that it would be so hard to let go. 😦
    I am leaving for Austint tomorrow afternoon. We shall definitely keep in touch, you are one of my closest friends at Rice. I shall miss you dearly.

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