April 1, 2006

Stopping cars in Austin

Posted in Iramville at 8:29 am by Iram

No it's not what it sounds like. It was only 7:30 pm, we were dressed very conservatively, and we were nowhere near sixth street :-p

So, Austin has terrible drivers. I thought Houston was bad, but this was unbelievable. They round corners like the devil's after them, and they accelerate like the guys in the race cars on ESPN. It was crazy. We were crossing a street, when the crosswalk guy showed us a white walking guy, mind you, and out of the middle of nowhere comes this guys trying to make a right turn, into us! So, we stop and give him the deer in the headlights look, he emergency brakes (because he did NOT brake before rounding that corner when he had a red light), and the car behind him rams into his left tail light, smashing it to bits.

And we walked off to see the Congress street bats, thankful that while we technically caused the accident, we were not responsible because we were crossing legally (a lesson to all of you jay-walkers out there!).


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