February 8, 2006

The cartoons

Posted in Iramville at 7:14 pm by Iram

All I have to say in response is this:

I can understand, and even forgive, a person’s genuine ignorance when it comes to a religion other than their own, but flagrant disrespect? I mean, come on! Would Christians be happy if I drew a picture of Jesus pumping oil out of a well in Iraq and eating crackers and cheese and wine while at the same time handing out stale bread to poor, emaciated Muslim families and claiming to have brought equality to that part of the world? And the funny thing is, we wouldn’t be able to find out the Christian response because I respect Jesus way to much to publish something as demeaning. Somewhere in my idealistic mind, I believe that all humans are capable of reciprocating such respect for the other world religions. I guess the big questions is, did a whole generation of individuals never have their mothers teach them the meaning of the word respect?


  1. Matt said,

    The violence since then has been really scary.

  2. Iram said,

    Yeah, things are definitely getting out of hand, and I’m still stuck in the middle trying to figure out what exactly each side is planning on achieving through their intentions. After all, it’s very hard to support a cause when you can’t see its final purpose.

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