January 5, 2006


Posted in Iramville, Randumb at 7:34 pm by Iram

I’m really mad. I was watching CNN two days ago, and was really excited at hearing the news that 12 of the 13 trapped miners in West Virginia had been found alive. I actually saw an interview of this one guy whose cousin was trapped in the mine, and he had come to scene from work after hearing the report from CNN so that he could meet his cousin. There was so much detail: one body was found, twelve miners were found alive and well and they were currently seeing health professionals and as soon as that was over they be debriefed and then brought to the church where their families were waiting. Happy, I went to bed.

Then, I heard last night that the news was incorrect. Twelve miners had in fact been found dead, and the one who was found alive is in a coma and has very few chances of coming out okay.

How could CNN be so wrong?!?! It is painful enough for the family members of those poor miners, and this has likely made it worse. They were given a hope, were shown the light at the end of the tunnel, and then were told “Oops, sorry, our bad.” This is such a terrible display of media can do when it goes wrong. I’m sooooo mad!!!!

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  1. Saqib said,

    The govenor himself came out and said the miners were alive. I think there were also several other sources. So I don’t think you can blame the media for reporting what the officials are saying on a breaking news story. 😛

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