November 4, 2005


Posted in Iramville at 4:29 pm by Iram

I’m off to Matagorda Island this time…down by Corpus Christi. If I don’t freeze during the night, and if some wild migratory birds don’t pick me up and carry me South (or is it North?), I should be back Saturday afternoon-ish. Hopefully this time we’ll have more to do than Texas Hold-‘Em with leaves and stones.

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  1. shouieb said,

    Dude….that is sooo…cool. I love Matagorda Island! I have the most awesome crazy/camping adventure stories from when I used to go camping there…..Much kudos to you for being down with the whole primitive camping thing. And the trick to staying warm is building a humongo campfire. The first time I went was newyears 2000 and I remember freezing my but off despite being thermally insulated from head to toe. The only thing that I don’t love about that place is all the trash that washes up onshore.

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