October 29, 2005


Posted in Iramville at 5:14 am by Iram

I spent today at Astroworld with my little brother, just trying to stock up some last-minute memories before the park closes down for good. For anybody who has not yet heard, Astroworld is not opening again for the next season. They sold it, and if you come to Houston in a couple of years you will probably see some sort of Astro-Apartments mega-complex in its place. We got in six rides in six hours, but two of them were little kid rides that had absolutely no wait because they were for *little* kids (don’t ask why we were on them). It was still fun, though, and now I wonder that if I had gone to Astroworld all the times I had wanted to go to Astroworld but wasn’t able to, would that have kept them from closing down? I really want to know what the difference was in their land value and the park profits, and how much profits would have had to increase to keep them from selling the park (that’s the economist in me speaking there). So, goodbye Astroworld. But this does give me a good excuse to make a trip up to Fiesta Texas….. =)

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