October 27, 2005

Mean kids

Posted in Iramville at 1:56 am by Iram

I was driving down Westheimer today, and when I noticed just how bad the traffic was I decided to make a right turn and head one street over. I made my way into the right hand lane just as the light turned red, and found myself standing at the edge of a clear intersection positioned to make my turn. But, just as I began to move,  I noticed out of the corner of my eye these two little black kids who were trying to cross the street. Of course, I stopped my car and waited for them to cross, but somehow the guy standing in line behind me didn’t understand my patience:  just as they were passing in front of my car the guy honked his horn for me to make my turn. I threw him a nasty look in the rearview mirror, and when I looked forward I saw that the two kids were now staring at me. They must have thought that I had honked at them, because one of them had an evil look on his face, and the other started swearing at me and flipping the bird. Now, that wouldn’t have been so traumatic, except that they also refused to move from in front of my car. Naturally, not wanting the kids to get the last laugh, I switched into neutral, revved up, and gave an evil grin as if I was about to run them over. I have never seen little kids run out of the street that quickly.

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  1. atif said,

    did you smile maniacally while you revved? cos that makes it all worthwhile …

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