October 19, 2005

The Phil Hendrie Show

Posted in Randumb at 2:30 am by Iram

Today on the Phil Hendrie show this guy who apparently owns a big steak restaurant chain calls in to complain about not being able to bond with his son. As he was driving his son home from school, his son pointed out a “wierdo” from his school. Naturally, like any responsible father would, the man takes his McLaren SLR and drives really fast into this puddle of muddy water, splashing the kid and getting him all wet. Then, his son makes the terrible mistake of actually apologizing to this “wierdo” who, as it turns out, is a chronic sufferer of cystic fibrosis. Apparently, it would have been much more appropriate for the son to not apologize, but to brag about his amazing dad.

Dad: I’ll probably be condemned for saying this, but that kid could die from pneumonia tomorrow from the water I splashed on him, and I wouldn’t care.

Phil Hendrie: But that kid has an entire life ahead of him, he has people who care about him and people who love him.

Dad: At least he’ll have something to talk about. He got splashed by a McLaren SLR!


  1. Iram said,

    So, I did some research, and it appears that Ted Bell (the Dad on the radio) is just one of Phil Hendrie’s stock characters. He’s a fake. I guess that’s good because it means that such an evil person does not exist, but I am thoroughly disappointed because his stint on the radio show had put him very near the top of my list of people I want to meet someday.

  2. Phils Number 1 Fan said,

    Ted Bell is my favorite Phil Hendrie Character!!!

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