October 3, 2005


Posted in Iramville, Randumb at 5:35 am by Iram

I’m sitting at work, watching the clock make its round about the hour, almost at 5 o’clock, when the phone rings. I pick it up with my normal, business like greeting, and ask the caller how I may help him. It turns out that this particular caller is an avid reader of economics related publications and wanted me to send him a box full of whatever free economics publications our institution publishes (that would be a pretty big box, by the way). He proceeds to launch into an explanation of why it is so important to keep on top of economic news – I don’t think he realized that I, too, am an economist – and in his speech he recited one of the best lines in economic history:

“This is NOT no Banana Republic. This is a capitalistic country. You have GOT to know what is going on!”

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