September 29, 2005

Kind of sad

Posted in Iramville at 7:23 pm by Iram

Two days a week I go to work and, thanks to morning classes that don’t allow me to come in until after lunch, stay there until I am practically the last person in the building. Each of these days, at 6:30 on the dot, the door to my department opens and a cheerful Hispanic man and woman come in. The man supports a vacuum cleaner on his back, and the woman pushes around her cleaning cart, into which she pours the contents of my trashcan and whatever leftovers from my lunch I may have sitting on my desk. We typically exchange pleasantries, she addresses me as “baby” and “mija” (which, as I understand it, is an endearing term in Spanish used to address younger people who you think of as your own children), and is always very concerned that I sit alone at my desk with my computer late into the evening. Yesterday, when I was at work, I asked her what she had done this past weekend to prepare for Rita and she replied, “We just stayed at home. No money to leave and go somewhere else.” Then, she smiled at me, and continued on with her work.

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