September 25, 2005


Posted in Iramville, Uncategorized at 7:53 pm by Iram

I must say I’m disappointed at our Category 5 hurricane Rita. We had a power outage at home for a good 36 hours, but beyond that, I didn’t see any hurricane! I had the pantry all stocked up with emergency supplies, and had even taken the time to organize it in a way that would fit all of us in case we needed a storm shelter away from the wind. But what do we get? A few good gusts of wind, maybe half an inch of rain, and that’s it. How boring! Yes, I guess I’m glad that we had no damage done to ourselves and our property, but just the same when you’re all mentally prepared to face this terrible destructive storm and you only get to face something that almost resembles a cold front, there’s bound to be a let down.

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