September 15, 2005

If I survive…

Posted in Iramville at 4:44 am by Iram

I’m going camping this weekend, first time ever. It’s part of an ecology class I’m taking, and I’m not sure if I really want to go or not. Sure, camping is something I’ve always wanted to try, but this is all out set-up-your-own-tent, bathroom-is-behind-the-bushes, eat-whatever-can-survive-the-campfire, sorry-guys-no-electricity hardcore camping. With two professors, two TAs (both girls), two guys, and ten other girls. Ummm, who’s gonna put up the tents?

So, anyway, if I survive the trip and don’t get attacked by the evil hogs that are supposed to live in those parts, and if I can finally figure out how to post pictures, look forward to some great pics of the great outdoors (and probably a bunch of drunk Rice students).

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