September 13, 2005

Being Silly

Posted in Randumb at 5:38 pm by Iram

To the tune by Gwen Stefani:

My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard                                                    and they’re like, do you wanna trade cards?                                                Damn right! I wanna trade cards!                                                                    I’ll trade ya’ Bulbasaur for a Charizard.


  1. Rishma said,

    Oh no not Pokemon!… 😆

  2. atif said,

    Thats not pokemon iram. its the milkshake song by … some random person.

    But N.E.R.D. did the backbeat. N.E.R.D. are cool.

    tsk tsk. if you’re gonna make fun of someone, at least get the names right! i expect more from my cousins!! 😛

  3. Iram said,

    OK, fine, the *milkshake* song. My bad. I looked it up – it’s by Kelis (don’t ask me who that is).

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