September 6, 2005

Plot Idea

Posted in Randumb at 9:42 pm by Iram

For anybody reading this who has connections in Hollywood (*ahem*), here’s my latest plot idea: New Orleans, having been lost to the terrible storm Katrina, is abandoned to the fishes and the gulf until a hundred years later when historians want to piece together the city’s lost history. As they begin scuba diving expeditions, they discover that the people thought to be lost to the high waters have infact evolved (with the assistance of highly toxic, mutagenic waste in the water) into a new existence – humans that live and thrive under water. To find out what happens next, you’re gonna have to make the movie…. =)

PS – I do not mean any disrespect towards those who have experienced loss in the wake of this disaster.


  1. atif said,

    Isn’t that the story behind Aquaman? Or Waterworld?

    Add in some glowing green stuff and you have a mutant story right there 😛

  2. Aamir said,


    btw, i didnt like waterworld too much

    throw bruce in and you have the next jaws movie

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