September 29, 2005

Squirrel story

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I was sitting outside eating my egg salad sandwich when a pathetic looking squirrel came up to me, stood on his hind legs, and held out his hands like he was begging for food. Generous soul that I am =), I tore off a piece of bread and tossed it in his general direction. He picked it up, nibbled off all the dark part of the bread crust, and left the white part behind. He then proceeded to beg again. Does this squirrel not understand the consequences of wasting food?!?! Imagine the number of squirrels that must go hungry every day because he is willing to throw the white part of his bread on the ground! There are starving squirrels all over campus that would love to have that piece of bread! And, where was this squirrel when I was a little kid who didn’t like to have the crust on my sandwich?

Kind of sad

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Two days a week I go to work and, thanks to morning classes that don’t allow me to come in until after lunch, stay there until I am practically the last person in the building. Each of these days, at 6:30 on the dot, the door to my department opens and a cheerful Hispanic man and woman come in. The man supports a vacuum cleaner on his back, and the woman pushes around her cleaning cart, into which she pours the contents of my trashcan and whatever leftovers from my lunch I may have sitting on my desk. We typically exchange pleasantries, she addresses me as “baby” and “mija” (which, as I understand it, is an endearing term in Spanish used to address younger people who you think of as your own children), and is always very concerned that I sit alone at my desk with my computer late into the evening. Yesterday, when I was at work, I asked her what she had done this past weekend to prepare for Rita and she replied, “We just stayed at home. No money to leave and go somewhere else.” Then, she smiled at me, and continued on with her work.

September 27, 2005

Cool Quotations

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After doing some exploration on the quote I recently read on Van‘s blog, I’ve discovered this site that has all sorts of cool quotes on it! My favorite (and probably the most relevant given my lifestyle):

“Stress is like a huge rock suspended a fraction of a centimeter over your head. You’re always aware of its presence, and you tend to be so scared that it’ll fall that you are unable to perform to your best in various activities.” -Anonymous

September 26, 2005

On children…

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One of the cutest things about little kids is the way they can mix things up or get things wrong, and not even realize the profound difference it makes in what they’re trying to say. I was just remembering an incident from my recent trip to Pakistan. My cousins were very eager to see me drive, because most of the women they know don’t drive and they all knew that I had my own car back home. Unfortunately, most cars in Pakistan are manual, which is an animal I have not yet learned to control. So, after a few days of explaining the fundamental differences between an automatic and a manual car I finally got my youngest cousin, Maria, to understand why I could not possibly drive her father’s car down the street. Of course, the next day, Maria’s elder sister began pestering me with the same request: to drive down to the store at the street corner. But, before I could respond, Maria piped in her response with all the pomp and pride of a student who has finally mastered her first lesson: “She can’t drive this car because she drives an artificial car!”

Whether the mix-up from automatic to artificial was one of pure innocence or if it was the expression of the basic Pakistani male sentiment that manual cars are the only ones worth driving, I will probably never know.

September 25, 2005


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I must say I’m disappointed at our Category 5 hurricane Rita. We had a power outage at home for a good 36 hours, but beyond that, I didn’t see any hurricane! I had the pantry all stocked up with emergency supplies, and had even taken the time to organize it in a way that would fit all of us in case we needed a storm shelter away from the wind. But what do we get? A few good gusts of wind, maybe half an inch of rain, and that’s it. How boring! Yes, I guess I’m glad that we had no damage done to ourselves and our property, but just the same when you’re all mentally prepared to face this terrible destructive storm and you only get to face something that almost resembles a cold front, there’s bound to be a let down.

September 23, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

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I went outside to take some pictures of my neighborhood before Rita. The wind is picking up a bit, and things look a bit grayer than usual, but otherwise it looks normal. There were some kids flying kites in the park, people walking their dogs, some people had even set up camping chairs along the side of the creek the watch. The only major difference – no cars. They have all either left Houston, are on the highway in the attempt to leave Houston, or are taking shelter in their garage in an attempt to conserve on gasoline. I will try to keep everyone updated through this blog whenever I get a chance, but no guarantees on my computer having an energy source as this storm is blowing over.

September 22, 2005

Stocking up for Rita…

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So after some thought, I decided that as optimistic as my outlook is it wouldn’t hurt to have some supplies for the storm. I left home at 2:30 PM. Kroger was closed, Randall’s was closed. Even WalMart was closed! (which meant that WalMart lied when it announced that its stores would be closing at 5 today). I finally found HEB to be open, and after waiting in line outside for 40 minutes I was able to get inside. They actually did have water, though not much, and it certainly seemed like many of the other essentials were running low…

September 21, 2005

Am I nuts?

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Driving around Houston today was quite a spectacle. Lines outside of gas stations were leading around the corner of the street, and last I heard all the gasoline in the city is finished (I filled up yesterday). Water is gone, batteries are finished, duct tape is sold out, one of my neighbors has boards all over her windows, and here I am trying to rent some movies to help me get through the storm. Has the city gone mad, or am I just insane?

September 20, 2005


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Pictures are up! Let me know if you have any caption ideas!

September 19, 2005

I’m back!

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Camping was awesome! Not nearly as bad as I thought it could be, and after winning 4 leaves and 13 stones in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em in the middle of nowhere under the almost-full moon, I was having a pretty good time. Keep your eyes open for pictures!

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