August 31, 2005

Spam – a source of entertainment

Posted in Randumb at 6:48 pm by Iram

Somebody out there is convinced I have poor credit, because I keep getting these emails in my inbox about how to go about getting a loan despite my credit rating. While I would normally just hit delete, think a few evil thoughts about spammers and leave it at that, these messages have caught my attention in an unlikely way: their signature lines. Here’s a compilation of everything I’ve copied so far from these evil inbox-flooding emails.

Your vegetables daydream of bears.  Brats bring comfort to Macintosh users.  Employees buy and sell sanitation engineers.  To get the conservative vote, President Bush announced that the lions, tigers, and bears are essentially Amway distributors. Hurricanes vehemently despise vampires.  Many dinosaurs take care of monsters.  Windsurfers torture notary publics.  Nuclear physicists regurgitate rednecks. Huns hang out at the mall with rock stars.  I overheard Bush talking to the gerbils, and he said that the McDonalds’ employees are insulted if you call them ballet dancers.  Species secretly love gardeners.  Grandfathers are really tax collectors! Vikings have affairs with crybabies.  Bookworms secretly love endocrinologists.  Pediatricians fight over the babies.  The bikers refuse to believe that the devils show contempt for barbeque lovers.

If anybody can make sense of these, please let me know. My gears have given up turning.


  1. J. said, makes more since if you read it backwords. It’s actually pretty funny.

  2. Matt said,

    They add the random words in there to confuse filters that look for spammy words and word density, it trips them up by using words that are normally used in a non-spam context. They’re targetting a spam-blocking technique known as bayesian filtering.

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